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+ Dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare services

Pet Minders has been locally owned & operated since 2000.

Pet Minders provides an excellent service for customers with animals that are looking to use kennels for their dog(s), as well as other services which includes the following:

  • Dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare - caters for smaller numbers so there's less stress on the dogs.
  • Feeding pets in their own home environment for example: Birds, Fish, Cats, Rabbits etc...
  • Dog Walking Services. -        To keep your dog fit & healthy.     
  • Plus daycare services available - if you are busy with work commitments and don't want your dog(s) being bored at home all day and to be well socialised.

Our pricing is very competitive and offers possibility of having your animals exercised & fed happily in their own environment

Get Mail - Feed Animals - Close Windows / Blinds - Water Plants - Walk Animals

We also walk your dogs as part of our daily service on an hourly rate.

We can also walk them if you are unable to because you are too busy with work

PHONE 09 438 0590

164 Lower Port Road, Whangarei